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Windshield Crack Repair

Best Solution we Provide

Windshield Weld offers a range of services under a single roof which save customer’s time and money. That’s why “ Windshield Weld ” services fall under the category “ Value for Money ”

If you get rock chip / crack damage, the very first option should be to repair the damage with a professional windshield repairer rather than replace the windshield. This keeps the original bonding secure, saves time and money, and prevents more glass from being dumped in landfills. Windshield chip / crack can lead to reduction of driving visibility. By repairing the chip it restores the structural integrity of the windshield and it’s cheaper than replacing a windshield. Getting a chip / crack repaired is :

  1. Convenient - Our trained technicians can repair a windshield in a short span of time.
  2. Inexpensive - Repairing of a windshield costs less than the cost of replacement.
  3. Safe - Repairing of a windshield helps in keeping the original bonding intact.
  4. Eco Friendly - Repairing of a windshield helps to save the environment by keeping non-recyclable glass out of landfills.

* Contact Windshield Weld to diagnose the windshield chip / crack to determine if it can be repaired first or actually needs a replacement.

Windshield Replacement

Assured Satisfaction

Windshield is a critical component and it comes under 13 MOST CRITICAL COMPONENTS of a car as per safety parameters of OEM. If a windshield glass is used with the right adhesive, it provides 40% structural strength to the vehicle.

The professionals at Windshield Weld assess the damage and then suggest the requisite solution.

  1. Damage Assessment - case of a windshield, if crack is larger and beyond repair, then Windshield Weld suggests replacing full windshield with alternative quality glass with best quality adhesives recommended by the OEM.
  2. Windshield Glass - Windshield Weld offers alternative quality windshield glass which qualifies Indian, European, American and Japanese quality standard to meet OEM standard as it fits correctly and restores the vehicle to its original condition.
  3. Adhesive - It would be not right if an ordinary adhesive is used with the automotive glass, so Windshield Weld uses quality adhesives which are approved by OEM.
  4. Windshield Installation - The windshields at Windshield Weld are installed based on the installation procedures set by Auto Glass Replacement Safety Standards Council (AGRSS), Europe. The suggested drive-away time is the most important factor in a proper replacement of the windshield. For your safety, please follow the drive-away instructions.

Drive-away instructions :

  1. Do not drive the car until the adhesive cures.
  2. Window glass of the car must be opened before you close the door for first 24 hours.

Glass Restoration

Best Solution we Provide

Windshield Weld professionals use advanced technology for glass scratch restoration system to restore the surface of scratched and damaged glass which saves the cost of replacement of original glass. It utilizes a unique process of heat and friction to remove glass damage. Windshield Weld can also assist in reinstallation and save money as time and labour costs compare well against glass replacement.

The process is fast, efficient and this re-circulating system allows for cleaner and faster polishing than conventional open-face systems.

  1. NOTE - Windshield Weld Glass Restoration services may not be offered or made available by all Service Partners.

Head Lamp Restoration

Best Solution we Provide

Headlamps are eyes of car. Without a proper headlight you are blind at the night. Clear head lamp increases your safety. Vehicles now have polycarbonate lenses and on exposure with UV they turn yellow and clouds form over them. Windshield Weld recommends that there is no need to change the company fitted lenses. You can get them restored as good as new.

Our process includes 3 easy steps – clear the old coating, add the new coating, and cure the coating.

Water Spot Removal

Best Solution we Provide

Windshield Weld professionals use advance technology for water spot removal from glass to restore the surface of damaged glass which saves the cost of replacement of original glass. It utilizes a unique process of heat and friction to remove glass damage.

Car Detailing

Interior and Exterior

Keeping a clean car maintains its value. While the mechanical aspects of your car are important to its worth, much of your cars appeal comes from its looks. There are more mechanical reasons to keep your car clean as well. Road grime, salt, and brake dust can lead to excessive corrosion on the wheels of your car. In time, you will need to replace corroded parts of your vehicle for safety reasons. But finally, you will definitely want to clean the inside of your car. A messy interior can cause unnecessary distractions and even accidents. Never forget to take your car in for a car wash and detailing. The small amount of extra time and money will pay off immensely in the long run. And besides, who doesnt want to drive a shiny, clean car? Keeping your car clean is important for a few different reasons. One is it is always nice to drive a clean car. You dont have to feel embarrassed when others ride along with you unexpectedly.

Having a clean car can also help improve your mood. Studies have shown that living in a clean area can improve moods as much as 50% or more. Driving a car that is clean and tidy can keep your stress levels more manageable when you are stuck in traffic.

Windshield Weld offers a variety of eco-friendly solutions for interior as well as exterior. It includes nano coating for exterior and antibacterial cleaning for interior.

Water Repellent

Treatment on Glass

Water Repellent :

According to experts, our eyes provide approximately 90% of the information that we need to make critical decisions as we drive. 65% of drivers experience difficulty seeing in the rain during the day and 82% experience this difficulty during night. Under rainy conditions, slippery roads and poor visibility combine to increase the likelihood of accidents. Indeed, when it rains, water droplets tend to spread on the glass surface impeding the driver’s visibility. Water repellent coatings can improve a driver’s visual activity by nearly 34% and response time by 25%.

On glass treated with water repellent coating, water droplets do not adhere to the surface but retain a spherical shape and are removed by the air stream generated by the movement of the vehicle. Water forms as tiny pearls of moisture, which are blown away as the car increases speed, leaving the glass panel clearer and cleaner.

Advantages of water repellent coating on automotive windshields

  1. Water repellent - Striking improvement in visibility during wet, rainy and snowy conditions.
  2. Reduction in response time - shorter braking distance.
  3. UV Protection - Blocks UV rays, reduced air condition load.
  4. Clean - Easy cleaning of the windshield as nothing adheres to it.
  1. Cleaning the glass surface - Before application of the coating, the glass surface should be cleaned thoroughly of any dust, dirt, grease, fingerprints by using any household glass cleaner, detergent and then washed clean with water and dried. Surface may be further activated with surface activator for better performance. Ensure that the glass surface is thoroughly clean and dry before applying coating.
  2. Coating Application - Coating is done at normal room temperature in the shade in a clean, dust free environment. Coating is applied by means of a soft, lint free cloth or sponge saturated with the solution. The coating is applied by wiping the glass surface with the cloth saturated with the solution in small sections at a time. Ensure that the solution is applied to the whole surface thoroughly. The coating is then allowed to dry naturally for about 15 minutes so that it is fully dry.
  3. Polishing - After the coating has dried out it needs to be polished with a soft glass polishing cloth so as to remove all the excess dried material.
  4. Curing - Let the coating cure at room temperature for about 10 to 12 hours..
Anti Glare Coating

Advantages :

  1. Anti-glare. Improved night visibility due to reduced reflections.
  2. Reduced glare from headlamps of oncoming vehicles. Better visibility during driving at night.
  3. Makes the glass non-stick. Easy to clean. UV protected abrasion resistant and durable treatment. Lasts up to two years.

Automotive Air conditioning Repair

Air conditioning Expert

Air conditioning like it says conditions the air. It not only cools it down, but also reduces the moisture content, or humidity. A number of people dont realise that turning on the air conditioning actually reduces the number of KM per litre of your car. There is energy used in removing the heat and moisture from the air in the car, and this consumes fuel because of the extra engine load. Anybody can imagine if Air conditioning is not working properly then it lends to extra engine load which increases the running cost of a vehicle.

So it is important to get the Air conditioning repaired / serviced by a trained professional. While looking to explore potential in Air Conditioning because of non-availability of trained professional in this specific area, Windshield Weld started Air conditioning repair which includes replacement of parts if necessary. Windshield Weld – an entity dedicated solely towards the repairing first than replacement of any automotive product.

How it works

Air conditionings main principles are Evaporation and Condensation, then Compression and Expansion. To the engineer and physicists they talk of thermodynamics - but well explain it in our own way here:

  1. Evaporation - May have noticed that if you rub a little surgical spirits on the back of your hand, then your hand will feel cold. Why is that? Its evaporation. It is because the spirits on the back of your hand start to evaporate. As the spirit evaporates, it takes away heat from the surface of your skin.
  2. Condensation - Have you ever noticed when somebody walks in from the cold into take-away wearing glasses, their glasses steam up? Why is that? Its condensation. The moist air of the take-away cools as it contacts the cold surface of the glasses and the air have less capacity to hold moisture, so it condenses into water on the glasses.
  3. Heat of Compression - Have you ever noticed that when you pump up a bicycle tyre with a hand pump, the end of the pump gets hot? This is because the energy that you have put into the air by pumping it has not only compressed it, but has also caused the air molecules to push closer together so giving off heat with the friction.
  4. Compression - At some point all gases will eventually become liquid. An example of that would be a can of deodorant - its liquid inside the can (because you can hear it when you shake it) but is a gas when it comes out and hits your underarm. The pressure inside the can is higher, so the propellant inside is liquid.
  5. Cooling by Expansion - Going back to the deodorant, you will notice also how cold it feels thats because the propellant has just expanded in volume quickly.

The fluid that passes around the whole system is the refrigerant. The refrigerant can evaporate at a low temperature, and then condense again at a higher pressure. In the bad old days, R-12 was the refrigerant used in almost all cars. It was widely available, however it was found to be a contributor to the hole in the earths ozone layer as it was a chlorofluorocarbon (CFC). These refrigerants were discontinued, and all cars after 1996 use a non-CFC fluid called R-134A which is kinder to the environment

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