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Heavy Duty Coolants

Benefits of coolant

Windshield weld offers a range of Coolant (Antifreeze & Non-evaporative). Almost all vehicle owners know about Coolant but most of them ignore its timely replacement from the system or top-up of it whenever required.

Considering the fact that coolant plays an important role in vehicle's life and ignorance of customers towards importance of coolant top-up, Windshield weld offers free top-up of coolant in our customer's vehicle.

Benefits of coolant

  1. It ensures protection of the moving parts of the water pump thus increasing its life.
  2. It has anti-corrosion additives that prevent rusting of the metallic components of the Cooling System. It also effectively protects the rubber components as it is compatible with the seals and bearings of the water pump and hoses.
  3. Proper top-up and timely change of Coolant at the appropriate drain period keeps the cooling system in good condition. This ensures Low down Time and Reduced Maintenance cost.
  4. With its high thermal efficiency, Coolant effectively absorbs excessive engine heat. This heat is then released through the radiator thus keeping the Engine optimally cool.

High Performance Wiper Blade

Benefits of Wiper Blade

Visibility is a primary concern for safe driving. Although drivers depend on their vehicles’ wiper blades to clear away rain, sleet and snow, many people wait to replace them until they need them the most. So remembering to maintain wiper blades regularly can maximize visibility, efficiency and reliability.

Wiper blades deteriorate due to many environmental factors including

  1. Sun - Ultraviolet light and ozone deterioration.
  2. Oil - Car waxes and exhaust hold rubber-deteriorating oil.
  3. Airborne debris - Sand, mud and dust carried in the wind.
  4. Moisture - Acid rain and salt water (in moist air both near the shore and inland).

Remember, wiper blades should be checked every six months and changed at least once a year. Evaluate both the rubber squeegee and the metal frames to avoid common problems such as streaking, skipping, chattering, wearing and splitting – all offenders of reduced visibility and slowed reaction time while driving.

Common Wiper Problems :

  1. Streaking - occurs when the rubber squeegee dries, hardens and cracks. It can also be caused by tree sap, road tar and other foreign substances collected on either the glass or the blade.
  2. Skipping - occurs when the blade develops a curvature from lack of use (e.g. left in the ‘parked position’ for an extended length of time).
  3. Wearing - occurs with extensive use and is when the rubber edges are rounded instead of squared.
  4. Splitting - is caused when the sun’s ultraviolet rays penetrate the rubber squeegee, causing it to breakdown and separate from the frame.
  5. Bent Refill Vertebra and Bent Frames - cause inconsistent contact with the glass surface, creating streaking or skipping.

Considering the importance of wiper blade for a vehicle owner on account of safety Windshield Weld offers a premium range of wiper blades which meets the customer expectation. Few premium products are as follows

Common Wiper Problems :

  1. Exact Fit - Aerodynamic High performance
  2. Hybrid Pro - Hybrid Tech Super Streamlined Shape
  3. Hybrid Evo - Ultra Hybrid Advance Smart Hinge Design
  4. Magic Fit - Super Magic Multi Adopter

Heavy Duty PU Adhesives

Best Solution we Provide

Glass bonding in the automotive sector is a complex process. The ceramic frit coated edges of the glass have to be bonded to a powder-coated metal surface.

Polyurethane adhesives are those glues that are made of urethane polymers with chemicals based of isocyanate group. Polyurethane adhesives are also known as elastic adhesives since they have extraordinary elasticity and elongation before the fracture occurs (up to 600%).

The elastic polyurethane adhesives are cured by poly addition reactions, taking on a slightly reticulated structure with properties of an elastomeric material.

The elastic polyurethane adhesives are those cured by the action of moisture.

The curing time depends strongly on the concentration of moisture. The curing can be accelerated through the use of booster, which is a product containing mostly water and it joins with the adhesive in the mixing nozzle, resulting in homogeneous and fast cure.

We at Windshield Weld use best quality of adhesives for glass replacement which meets OEM standard and gives more safety to our customer.

Eco-Friendly Car Care Product

Best Solution we Provide


  1. Glass Clear - When it comes to cleaning your cars windshield and windows you need to think about two things: the formula youre using and the towel youre using to wipe with. Many people think that just grabbing the nearest bottle of window cleaner from their home and paper towels will do the job. Wrong. Household glass cleaners contain harsh solvents, ammonia and alcohol which can potentially damage glass and tinted windows. Paper towels fall apart and leave streaks across the surface. Windshield Weld provide an eco-friendly and solvent-free automotive glass cleaner safe for all Glass types. Just spray on and buff off with glass cleaning towel.
  1. Fabric Clean - Keeping up with cleaning your cars interior sure takes a lot of work. Kids, pets, food and everyday messes can quickly accumulate leaving you with quite a mess on your hands. One of the keys to keeping your car upholstery looking its best is to take care of spills and stains as soon as they occur. Windshield Weld offers Eco-Friendly Fabric Clean. Just spray, scrub and blot dry for easy cleaning.
  1. Leather Care - In many ways caring for your cars leather is similar to our own skin. You want to use a leather care product that is effective, but not overly harsh. In addition, your cars leather needs to be properly cleaned and conditioned on a regular basis to maintain its appearance. The ideal leather care product will be pH neutral and solvent-free. Windshield Welds 2-in-1 leather cleaner and conditioner for your leather seats. Just apply a small dab and work into the surface for incredible results. This is a low-gloss matte finish which helps repel dirt, dust, spills and other contaminants from spoiling your cars leather finish.
  1. Odour Eliminator - Dont just mask foul odours, eliminate them! Windshield Weld odour eliminator effectively traps and suppresses fouls odour in your car preventing them from being released back into the air. Simply spray on the affected surface and let the formula go to work on your toughest smells.

    Compatible Surfaces

  1. Dashboard Protect - When it comes to cleaning car vinyl and plastic you need to think long-term. Selecting a quality interior protectant will not only make your car look great, but can also extend the life of your vehicles interior. Maintaining your cars dashboard requires both cleaning and protecting. Windshield Welds Dashboard Protect is a 2-in-1 cleaner and protectant. This product will remove surface contaminants such as dust, fingerprints and light stains. Weve also incorporated UV protection in the form of caranuba wax for added durability. This low-gloss cleaner and protectant smells great and goes on easy.


  1. Waterless Car Wash Concentrate - Every good auto detail starts with a car wash. It doesnt matter whether you are using regular car wash soap, shampoo or even a waterless car wash product. Removing dirt and grime from your cars paint is critical to maintaining and prolonging your vehicles life on the road. At Windshield Weld, we provide a wide selection of quality car wash products designed to spray-on, wipe-off method.
  1. All Purpose Degreaser - Its time to clean your engine and you dont want to do it with some plain old household cleaner anymore. Windshield Weld All Purpose is a powerful car engine degreaser for removing grease, grime and oil from under the hood. This bio-based cleaner quickly and effectively emulsifies contaminants on the inside of your vehicle. Start by spraying down the surface you wish to clean. Let the product dwell for 30 seconds to one minute then take a microfiber cloth and wipe dry.
  1. Quick Wax - There is nothing more satisfying to any car enthusiast than applying a fresh coat of wax on your vehicle. Not only will it make your car look great, but it will also add a layer of protection, shielding it from rain, snow, UV rays and other environmental contaminants. Our popular quick waxes is a spray and wipe wax which can be used on virtually any exterior surface, since theres no white residue to buff away, so you can wax your car in little as 15 minutes.
  1. Tire Shine - Using the right car tire shine can make an auto detail go from average to excellent. Over a period of time, rubber gets worn and faded from its original lustre. Tire shine can enrich these surfaces making them look like-new again. Windshield Weld always recommends opting for a water-based dressing. Windshield Welds tire shines are water-based and do not contain any harsh ingredients.
  1. Wheel Cleaner - While not the most glamorous part of detailing, cleaning wheels is critical to maintaining your vehicle. If left untreated, contaminants can accumulate to where they are almost impossible to remove. Windshield Welds powerful wheel cleaner helps to remove brake dust from your wheels with ease. Our wheel cleaner is safe for aluminium, alloy, chrome and more. Simply spray on, scrub, and wipe away.

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